With Antyxsoft Cloud the future is now.A simplified, yet innovative, cloud experience. Be part of it!


Since its establishment, Antyxsoft Cloud assists modern businesses to achieve the digital transformation required to survive in today’s competitive business environment. By offering a large portfolio of cloud services and products, Antyxsoft Cloud helps you to move smoothly your working environment to the cloud, without worrying about infrastructure and software management. In this way, business customers and partners minimize their IT costs, increase their flexibility and work more productively.
With strategic partnerships with leaders in the IT industry, Antyxsoft Cloud serves customers in the Greek and international markets, helping them to improve user experience and grow their business. Combining our high-performance cloud infrastructure with enterprise-grade cloud solutions, we enable our customers and partners to succeed. Our knowledge, skills and expertise allow us to change the reality of digital landscape. Join us.


We are experts and we are focused on your success. You don’t have to worry about complex technology, managing apps, data availability and security anymore. We do that for you, with you. Allow us to combine our expertise with best-in-class tools and automation to deliver technology in the way you need it and turn complex into simple and manageable. You keep focusing on your record times and we will do the rest for you.


Join Antyxsoft’s partner network, either as a reseller or as an affiliate and gain access to all the tools you need to succeed. We offer two partnership programs, with high payouts and no commitments, combined with our expertise and know-how and with best-in-class cloud services and products. We are, already, trusted by leading companies in the industry. Join us and gain access to a number of benefits, including technical training, your custom-branded marketplace and marketing material.

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